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Clear Direction

The capacity to define and clearly communicate to stakeholders the direction, mission, and goals that the institution is committed to achieving.

Score:  2.63

All juniors and seniors at Encompass Academy meet with their counselor at least once yearly to discuss their graduation plan and credits.

Before beginning classes at Encompass Academy all new students, accompanied by their parent(s)/guardian(s), complete an Individualized Learning Plan with a member of the administrative team or a teacher. Students set goals for completing high school, as well as life afterwards. Students and parents are informed about school policy and procedures, as well as what it takes to be a successful student at Encompass Academy.

Students and staff at Encompass Academy were included in the process of evaluating our mission statement, and developing our core values. 

Staff have been involved in the process of defining who we are and wish to become since the start of working with AUSL. The most recent activities included a core values process, which led to staff having a greater understanding of what is important to each of us and how that impacts the school as a whole.  

This process occurred with students through a survey, and the same core values presentation that was completed with staff. 

Core Values Activity with AUSL

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Finalizing Core Values

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AUSL Update: Thoughts on Core Values

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Mission Statement Working Doc

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